We deliver over 1000 shops worldwide.

Easy, fast and transparent distribution – you’re in full control.

Manage many retailer distribution channels through one account and receive 100% of the royalties.* We’ll deliver your eBook to over 1,000 shops worldwide, and you’ll retain 100% of the book rights. ** We’ll provide an ISBN at no extra charge. Get the entire package for a single upfront fee and a low annual administration fee.

How is your book selling? We make it easy to keep an eye on your sales data with clear and vivid statistics, with sales reports from all retailers in one combined dashboard.

Programmed in Germany to maintain your data security.

*This means: StoryLorry does not take any money from your eBook’s sales. We guarantee that we will not take a cent. But to prevent misunderstandings: retailers such as Amazon, Apple and Kobo do deduct a portion of the royalties.  That is fair since they are the store through which you are selling your eBook and we cannot prevent it. However, you decide as the owner of the book, where and for how much to offer your eBook.

**** One thing to consider: StoryLorry can provide an ISBN number for your eBook at no charge to you.  The ISBN is a unique number that identifies your book and makes it internationally searchable. If you do you eventually decide to leave StoryLorry and distribute your eBook yourself, you cannot take this ISBN number with you.  You will have to buy a new one.  Sorry!  This is the law and we cannot change it.

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