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Whether you’re a professional author who’s already published or you’re ready to release your first book, StoryLorry is the powerful new tool that empowers you to self-publish your book. We’ll ensure your eBook makes it to the marketplace and is available to readers. You’ll conveniently sell your book worldwide in over 1.000 stores – all through one platform. We also provide many useful services and marketing tools for novice and experienced writers. You retain all the rights and royalties to your work, we only charge a one-time fee of €89, then a small yearly fee. You have no contractual obligation to stay with us…you can delist your book with us and leave at any time. We think that’s fair and unique. What do you think?

Our story

Write, upload and sell – done! And so four amateur authors living in Germany prepared to publish their books. Or at least we thought it would work that way. In reality, we encountered a variety of differences and problems working with different companies: questions about ownership rights, small print concerning royalty payments, weaknesses in creating the eBook.

That was the birth of a new idea. “We can do this better and easier”. Over the last few years eBooks have empowered authors to self-publish our books, we’re no longer subject to the whims of large publishing houses that only publish a handful of books a year, most of which are based on the whims of the bestseller lists. StoryLorry is different: fair, honest, transparent. User-friendly and convenient. High aesthetic standards. And the most important ingredient: our enduring passion for creating successful authors and great books.

Our vision

Reading is an experience that evokes emotion. We are convinced that the reading medium of the future is the eBook – and the potential is limitless. We are particularly focused on developing multimedia eBooks. That’s not surprising, much of the team’s professional background is in graphics, web programming and audio design.

We offer authors many individual design possibilities – from cover design to specialized, stand-out fonts. But in the coming generation of eBooks, the so-called “Enhanced eBook,” we will be able to do so much.

Your readers are waiting for you! What are you waiting for?

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